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Author: Philip J. Viverito
Copyright: January 1, 2006
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ISBN-10: 1889584193
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Knight Hack

Over its 15-year history, Knight Hack has been presented in demonstration games at conventions all along the East and West Coasts of the United States and throughout Canada. This widespread exposure has prompted key improvements to the game that come without disrupting its basic mechanisms, its historical authenticity, or the spirit in which it was created of teaching history through minature gaming.

Those who have played Knight Hack will notice three significant rules changes. First is the upgrade of the D-10 system for mechanics. This revised standard has proven to be easier for players to understand and consequently speeds up play. The second change is the predetermined unit creation through Quick Reference Sheets (QRS). This update makes complex and time-consuming unit design unnecessary, but retains each player's ability to build custom armies. Finally, we have eliminated the cumbersome task of creating the relation between Li, Lmi, Hi, He, and Lc troop types. The armor and formation types never really melded together smoothly, so we got rid of the task.

We also found that predetermined unit information resolves many of the inaccuracies brought on by the traditional method of creating armies. Each army list has its own QRS but we have simplified by relying on a figure-per-stand system. These changes have been met with positive reviews from those who have participated in demonstration games.

Many of the ideas presented in Knight Hack cross over established gaming traditions. For instance, the rules discourage players from engaging balanced armies in points on a level terrain conditions. Seldom in history have armies been equal in composition, quality or size, and terrain conditions were rarely adventageous for both combatants. It is the combination of selecting good ground and then maximizing the army's ability to fight on certain terrain. The great leaders know how to gain good ground and then lead their army to victory against what often seemed like an insurmountable enemy force. Specifics like this are what separates the historical gamer from the ordinary gamer, and sets Knight Hack apart from any other gaming system on the market.

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