Philip J. Viverito

Author: Philip J. Viverito
Copyright: October 1, 2004
Page count: 40
ISBN-10: 1889584150
ISBN-13: 978-1889584157
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Homeric Hack

If there was ever a time in history when the acts of war comprised the stuff of legend, it is the Homeric period and the Trojan War. Contemporary culture shows its fascination with this time period through books, feature films and history lessons, from elementary school through the post-graduate level. Though most of us are familiar with the The Illiad and The Oddesy, what remains a mystery are the heroic acts of those who served as muse for Homer's epic works.

Homeric Hack explores in detail the military conflicts around the time of Homer (circa 800 B.C.). From the individual duels to the legendary battles of the Trojan War, Homeric Hack puts you in the midst of the military struggles immortalized by Homer, Creophylus of Samos, Panyassis of Halicarnassus, and others. Homeric Hack peels away the layers of myth formed over the centuries to reveal Greece's flesh and blood struggles as it blossomed into an ancient-world superpower.

Homeric Hack is designed to recreate in miniature individual duels, the epic battles of the Trojan War, from the battle of Thicket Ridge to the sack of the city itself and even the battles Aeneas fought in Italy. Only your imagination sets the parameters of the great engagements you can recreate. The system allows for heroic duels, large army engagements, naval engagements and sieges with the silver lining being a simple Divine Intervention system.

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