About LMW Works

LMW Works, LLC publishes historical tabletop wargame rules and educational games, historical and spiritual non-fiction, and consumer catalogs. At this time, LMW Works, LLC does not publish fiction. The company headquarters is in Hanceville, Alabama.

Philip J. and Lynne Viverito are co-owners of LMW Works, LLC and have been publishing manuscripts and catalogs since 1998. They started the business near Buffalo, NY, but moved production to Alabama in 2013. The company currently has an offering of over one dozen titles and is now accepting manuscripts.

LMW Works is best known for its Classical Hack series, through which tabletop gamers can learn the tactics used by some of the greatest military leaders of the ancient world. The Classical Hack series spans more than 4,000 years of military history, from the campaigns of the Old Testament through The Crusades and the rise of Feudalism.

Our Catalog

Holy Hack, Hacking by the Book, explores the battles that shaped the pre-Christian world from the times of the great Egyptian dynasties through the rise of the Babylonian Empire. Homeric Hack examines the individual struggles and major military campaigns during the times Homer and the Trojan War. Classical Hack: Second Edition delves into the conflicts and conquests that helped shaped civilization from 600 BC to 600 AD, as illustrated by the cover art of Alexander Crossing the Granicus River by Peter Connolly, F.A.S. Classical Hack: Scenarios Rome focuses specifically on Roman military campaigns, from 750 B.C. to 250 A.D. Hack in the Dark ushers in the Dark Ages from the fall of the Roman Empire through the rise of the legend of King Arthur, and Knight Hack delves deeper into the Middle Ages as Great Britain and France rise as formidable European military powers.

Moving forward on the historical timeline, LMW Works enters 16th Century England with Pike Hack: the Road to Dunbar. This volume explores the three civil wars that reshaped the political and economic structures of Great Britain in the age of Cromwell. Eagles, Swords, & Bayonets closes out the 16th Century by revisiting the Napoleonic era and the battles that made France an imperialist power.

What collection of gaming systems would be complete without a foray into the American Civil War? LMW Works and author Scott Monsour capture the battles that marked the bloodiest conflict in American history in Rally 'Round the Flag. This fast paced, easy-to-grasp game system teaches authentic military strategies used by the North and the South between the years 1861 and 1865.

Gamers can recreate modern and futuristic warfare with three LMW Works' titles: Panzer Truppe (by Chris Pagano), Snipers! Duck, Dodge, & Shoot (by James Birdseye), and Hyperspace Hack (by Russ Lockwood). In Panzer Truppe, gamers can recreate the legendary tank battles that marked World War II as the first truly technological war. Snipers! Duck, Dodge, & Shoot places gamers in the rugged Italian countryside to fend off encroaching German forces. Part of the challenge is trying to engage troops under brutal weather conditions and conducting skirmishes in formidable Apennine Mountains. Hyperspace Hack looks to the future of aerial warfare by putting the gamer in charge of an armada of 50 or more interstellar fighters, complete with three-sided battles, crew promotions, and planet-killing lasers!

Ordering Instructions

LMW Works does not sell directly to the general public, but instead relies on a distribution network for the majority of sales. Most of our titles are also available on amazon.com. Members of the Classical Hack Yahoo! Group can receive special membership offers, which may include discounts on select publications.

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If you have any questions about any of our publications, if you have had problems placing or receiving an order, or if you are a member of a group who would like to have us attend your convention or meeting, please write to us at:

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You can also email us at pviverito@yahoo.com or use our contact form.