Philip J. Viverito

Author: Richard Kohlbacher
Copyright: August 1, 2014
Page count: 32
ISBN-10: 1889584401
ISBN-13: 978-1889584409
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Eagles, Swords and Bayonets

At the end of the last century, in 1997 our local group, The Jogglers, in Western New York began toying with many miniature rule sets. We collectively came to the conclusion that each and every set of rules we played had virtues but none seem to fulfill our understanding of history as revealed and exemplified through our miniature gaming. Our first inclination was to simply modify existing popular trendy sets of rules pouring out of the hobby. This proved most unfulfilling. Since we knew that most gamers not attending conventions modified rules. Modifying the popular rules proved equally unfulfilling. There was only one alternative. . . write our own. This we did with the Hack Series. In the back ground Richard developed Eagles, Swords and Bayonets.

The march of time proved to show that life and the things in our lives take each of us on our own journey. But life is change if nothing else. Things do not stay the same. Over the intervening years all of us drifted here and there but always returned to join in gaming and fellowship. Through all the decades since 1997 the efforts of one of us has managed to keep the group together. That was Richard Kolhbacher.

So here is the result of Richard's efforts, Eagles, Swords and Bayonets, who has generously identified many of the members of our group as designers and contributors. Each of us did indeed contributed and assisted in design through years of test play. It would be something of lie to tell you that these rules are the result of our efforts. They are indeed the efforts of Richard; keeping us going however sporadically over the years. It is he that is the heart and soul of the rules and frankly the group. Without him there would be no Eagles, Swords and Bayonets, much less a group. We may not still create things as The Jogglers but we remain a group that still meets and remembers, laughs and sometimes cry. Thank God we have something to cry about or in as a group. That is what gaming is about, friendship and comradeship through thick and thin, year after year, decade after decade.

I am not a Napoleonic gamer. Yet even I can play these rules! I have even broken three squares in a single turn. I can assure the reader that I am also not an avid gamer but to be able to set up a game and then play through and win does tell me that a game is good if not great. These rules are designed so that anyone playing, stands a good and fair chance of winning. Eagles, Swords and Bayonets are fast, fun and historically representative of the period, thus making it fulfilling. That is why we game isn't it? That is also why I have chosen to help in this edition as an editor and layout assistant.

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