Philip J. Viverito

Author: Philip J. Viverito
Copyright: November 1, 2007
Page count: 56
ISBN-10: 1889584223
ISBN-13: 978-1889584225
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Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book

The Old Testament is alive with conflict — personal, spiritual, and militaristic. Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book explores the battles that shaped the pre-Christian world from the times of the great Egyptian dynasties through the rise of the Babylonian Empire (3000 BC - 600 BC).

Like all of our historical rules sets, Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book allows you to recreate battle conditions based on the indigenous terrain, the technology common to the times, and popular military tactics. The title is not meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Old Testament conflicts included a particular dynamic that was later superceded by technological advancements, an expanding world view, and perhaps human arrogance. Deus ex machina (God in the machine) was not a mere literary device to the people of the pre-Christian world, but a powerful motivator for armed conflicts during civilization's formative years. Divine intervention helps define this unique period in human history, as its concept helps make Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book one of the most innovative sets of minature gaming rules sets on the market today.

The first edition of Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book was published more than a decade ago. Like its predecessor, this second edition contains many ideas and ideals that crossover established gaming traditions, but with some significant improvements.

The most obvious update is the use of a D-10 dice system for mechanics. D&D gamers will recognize the D-10 dice system as one that takes into account a character's individual attributes and skills. In a way, Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book employs a similar technique, though on a much larger scale. Also, this second edition has been rewritten for greater clarity and color graphics have been added to aid modern gamers, from novices to experts, in understanding how biblical-period armies looked and functioned.

In keeping with military authenticity, Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book offers recommendations that will help gamers experience a more true-to-life campaign. One such suggestion is to avoid engaging balanced armies on level terrain. Throughout history, armies have seldom been equal in leadership capabilities, composition, quality, or size; Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book does not ignore this fact. It is this characteristic that empowers gamers to be the best commanders they can be, despite uncontrollable geological conditions and finite military resources.

We think traditional military minature gamers and fantasy gamers alike will love Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book for its combined historical and interpretive qualities. And as with all the titles in the Classical Hack series, this rules set will also help adults and children learn more about history while devoloping problem solving, mathematical, and reading skills.

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