Philip J. Viverito

Phil is the author of the Classical Hack wargame series and the co-owner of LMW Works. He was born in Niagara Falls in 1949 and currently resides in Alabama. | Full bio

Jim Birdseye

Jim served in the Infantry and Transportation Corps and worked as a strategic and operational planner. He has written numerous articles on Military History and War gaming, and currently teaches at Augusta State University | Full bio

Scott Monsour

Bio coming soon. | Full bio

Chris Pagano

Chris began historical miniature wargaming in 1987. He has authored three sets of rules: Panzertruppe, Idiotic and Useless (hex-based WWI), and The Boys from Isandhlwana. | Full bio

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood is most famous for creating, a former on line site which provided miniature gamers with an enormous information data base of magazines and e-books. | Full bio

Richard Kolhbacher

Richard is a veteran gamer from Western New York. In 1997 our Buffalo-area group, The Jogglers, began toying with many miniature rule sets. | Full bio

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