History Comes to Life at LMW Works

LMW Works is an Alabama-based publishing company operating as an L.L.C. Our company focuses on educational games, lecturing and historical literature.

Our primary goal is simple: to publish our own ideas in the area of history for educational purposes. With Classical Hack we hope to make history fun and enjoyable through educational gaming. To this end we publish Classical Hack, Classical Hack Scenarios, Holy Hack, Homeric Hack, Hack in the Dark: Warfare in the Dark Ages 250 A.D. to 1000 A.D. and Knight Hack. To further this goal LMW Works hosts a number of authors who deal with other historical periods. LMW works is looking forward to putting forth research works in the near future.

Relive the Battles of the Ancient World Take Up Arms as North Battles South Lock & Load: WWII to Vietnam...and Beyond

New Title: Eagles, Swords & Bayonets

At the end of the last century, in 1997 our local group, The Jogglers, in Western New York began toying with many miniature rule sets. We collectively came to the conclusion that each and every set of rules we played had virtues but none seem to fulfill our understanding of history as revealed and exemplified through our miniature gaming. Our first inclination was to simply modify existing popular trendy sets of rules pouring out of the hobby. This proved most unfulfilling. Since we knew that most gamers not attending conventions modified rules. Modifying the popular rules proved equally unfulfilling. There was only one alternative. . . write our own. This we did with the Hack Series. In the back ground Richard developed Eagles, Swords and Bayonets. Read More...

Publish with Us

At LMW Works, we publish authors who have written books in the areas of history, miniature gaming, and inspirational insight. We make every attempt to expose an authorís work to the appropriate market. We also publish manufacturer catalogs and provide quotes for printing services.

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